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I graduated on October 2015 and my experience went far beyond my initial expectations. Individual experience and outcome is different from person to person, I met guys who got in the program just to find out whether or not was the "fit" choice, big mistake... Instructors were awesome, knowledgeable, experienced, guided and challenged us every day. Labs were useful, don't expect to tackle every possible scenario, field experience would do it...... Read more

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I have read most of the reviews and can tell that most of the people who are writing reviews probably failed or are unhappy due to their own decisions. I realize that most people going to PC have trouble reading or writing and just general adjustment to society and are dumb enough to fall for this scam. I don't claim to be the smartest person, but once they talk to you on the phone and then call you multiple times telling you the classes are... Read more

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Currently an HVAC student at porter and Chester. I have be going for about a month now and already regret coming to this school. When you go for a tour they bring you to the labs you will be working in and it looks really nice. Seems like there is a lot of equipment to learn on. But most machines are there just for show. Only a few you can actually work on. You find your self in the back watching the other students. I have a brand new teacher... Read more

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I recently graduated from porter and Chester. I agree school was overpriced. I did Dental Assistant program. The externships were just to complete hours not to learn how to use your skills in a dental office. I got no support and just grief. I was bullied by other dental assistants but never said anything cause I would not have got support. They set up and tell you you made mistakes but you didn't and they want to teach you thinks and second... Read more

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I studied in westborough campus , now it is Relocated in worcester. I Gained a lot of knowledge. Instructors were well educated. 13 days of my graduation , I got a job at newengland's Highest volume dealership . I have been in my job since then . The only problem i have is , the cost of education is little high . Income and Job provability wise, I would assume i am on top 20 graduates , but still the loan balance is not blowing off as expected... Read more

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Currently enrolled in the CNT program it's a night mare they forced us to take the A+ cert a days before it changed they knew it was changing but didn't think it was a good thing to change it to the newer one more than half of the students failed one part of the test and now we have no way of getting our A+ unless we set ourself up to fail

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I had the worst experience at Porter and Chester. I was all set signed up for the July medical program then I called randomly to check in with my advisor , he then told me that they filled my seat! They are the worst school most unorganized unreliable "school" in the city of Worcester.

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Im currently attending classes at porter and chester worcester campus for electrical ABSOLUTE nightmare promised ipads never came through promised 91% placement rate more like 0 theres no one here to place us into jobs joe quit and this new girl dont know her arm from her leg and is never here so unprofessional you should just watch YouTube videos because you will learn more 30,000 for nothing im being robbed my contact info is 508-612-6831 if... Read more

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I attended 6 months in Branford, 2012. I had the MOST AMAZING, CARING INSTRUCTORS, TRUE R.N.'s who were DETERMINED to graduate THE BEST LPN's OUT THERE. I drove from Enfield to Branford EVERY DAY, 5 days a week. Gas was $4.50+ and lost my unemployment. I had to take a 6 month Leave of Absence. The Only Term I had to return to was Rocky Hill. I can finally talk about it without crying. What a TOTALLY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE!!! I NEVER... Read more

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I was very excited to go to Porter and Chester until I met my teacher trying to be cool with one student maybe two but would never help anyone else I really should of left now I'm stuck paying a loan that wasn't worth it took like a hour to get me a tool but if he likes you it would take seconds don't even think about doin morning there one cool teacher in the morning and one *** if you get the cool guy then maybe stay but if u get the *** I... Read more

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