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The attendance policy there is absolutely ridiculous. If you are even one minute late they deduct the first half hour.

They take a half hour away from you for being 1 minute late. If you miss 2 days, let's say for being sick and you can not prove you were sick than you get a letter stating that you could be kicked out of school. A majority of the time when you reappeal it is denied and they kick you out anyways, this school is over priced, they give you *** equipment that breaks and you can not even hear out of, for 21,000 I'd say the students deserve a little break , especially ones with kids.

I can not wait to graduate so that I can tell everyone I know not to go to Porter and Chester, the only good experience I had here was meeting incredible people and my instructor. That's the only thing that made it worth it.

I liked: Fellow classmates, Instructors, Always something new.

I didn't like: Private loans, Over priced, Location.

  • Great Program
  • Horrible Equipment
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Stratford, Connecticut, United States #1355363

I'm sure, since it's been 2yrs, that the attendance policy is aligned with what an employer expects. As described in orientation.

I have 5 kids and make it to class in plenty of time while working two jobs.

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