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When i went to Porter and Chester in Enfield for hvac doing night classes, I was told i would be in the shop for 90% of the time having all hands on training, and hardly any time in the classroom. Instead if was 99% of the time in the classroom and hardly any time in the shop.

When the class went into the shop we ended up cleaning and organizing the shop for the morning class just to mess it all up again. When in the class we either watched netflix or slideshows and the teacher would give us answers on any quizes or tests, even finals for the semester.

I was paying to waste my time basically, i couldve stayed home and watched netflix without wasting 45 minutes of driving and a few hours of "class" follwed by another 45 minute drive home. I recommend no one sign up to go to porter and chester unless you wanna just blow your money on nothing

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I feel the SAME way! I did the MA program, what a waste of time and money.

The teachers SUCKED. Everyone cheated on tests, we cleaned the lab over and over and really did nothing to actually learn.

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