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Unless you like spending a ton of money on a school that doesn't care about anything EXCEPT for their paycheck. The career services office doesn't exist for night classes so good luck finding your own job.

If you do so happen to get an appointment with someone you'll get a nice resume that they copy and paste for everyone and they fill in the few blanks. Want respect? Don't expect it. Want a job?

You'll have to find one yourself even though you are paying these useless people to sit in their office and awkwardly flirt with each other in the hallways. The school is a joke. Teachers are struggling to teach because they aren't given new lesson plans so you are stuck learning out dated things that were useful 5+ years ago. The issue isn't the teachers, its the people above them.

You are just another number and another unemployed person thousands of dollars in debt if you decide to sign up for this school. Even with perfect attendance and a 4.0 GPA I found myself alone in this struggle and eventually found MYSELF a job without a single meeting with the school. The real joke is that they try and take credit for the job you found yourself and pretend like they actually place people in careers but all they are doing is setting you up for failure unless you somehow magically get lucky. Good luck to this location and the people here.

With how poorly it is handled here I'll be surprised if the school is still open after another year or two. Oh, and Wendy Struthers? Don't even bother with her.

A toddler could do her job better. Only approach if you want to hear her trash talking students after shes met with them and pretending like she is actually an important piece to this school.

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