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I am currently enrolled in college now.I have been since shortly after leaving PCI.

I was recently looking over all of my student loans which brought me to think back at my dreadful experience at Porter and Chester. It makes me beyond depressed thinking about how I have an extra $20k or so in debt due to attending this school that got me nowhere. They lied through their teeth so they could fill empty seats. They are predators and you are the prey.

I felt like I was just a number the entire time I was there. My instructor, when he did teach, merely read word for word from a powerpoint. A powerpoint which was word for word from the book. We seldom did "hands on" work.

Hands on was what was advertised to me and promised. I was in the Computer and Networking program. I learned more from Youtube videos and guides online than I did from attending the school. The instructor came in late everyday.

Class was supposed to begin at 7:30, however in reality it began consistently around approximately 9am. Even then he didn't always start at that time. He was also the schools IT guy so he would often be off doing something else and leave us with a quick and easy assignment and not come back for much longer than it took the class to complete whatever it was. We were allotted a break which always ended up being an hour or more.

I would approximate that on any given day we actually only had maybe 2 hours of actual class time as opposed the 5 that should have occurred. As far as I could tell the instructor gave everyone A's. In all reality though I don't think grades at this schooled mattered at all. I earned my certifications with practically no help from any of the class time I was there.

I taught myself via the books and the internet. I scored very well by doing the work myself. So I literally paid for absolutely nothing, except I guess the books. I would do anything to get my money back.

I found this site in my searches to see of others complaints and to see if there was any kind of class action lawsuit against the school from other frustrated past students.

I know at the time of my attendance one of the other students in my program was suing the school.

Review about: Porter And Chester Institute Program.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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Hello Edge291,

We’re disappointed by your statements regarding Porter and Chester Institute and would like to learn more about your experiences.It is our goal to offer students a constructive and hands on learning environment; however, your accusations are troubling as they do not reflect our school’s philosophy.

Feedback from students and graduates help us to learn more about our curriculum and help us to improve the Porter and Chester Institute experience for everyone. To ensure concerns such as yours are addressed properly we have a published internal complaint process. We encourage you to reach out to your campus directly so that we may learn more about your time at Porter and Chester Institute and to ensure your concerns are properly addressed.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best of luck as you continue your education.

to PorterChesterInstitute9 Braintree, Massachusetts, United States #926406

As this is a complete lie.Well you did offer online surveys that you wanted us to do during class time but the school does nothing at all to correct the issue.

So stop lying to people telling them that the school cares about the students and offers a constructive and hands on learning environment because its bull.This is supposed to be a college type school not a high school type.

to rob #1118706

I agree with you.Lies.

And feigned concern. The M.A. (Med. Asst.) classes were exactly like that.

Surveys every month. Same problems for twelve months. Same responses. All listed on the surveys.

No improvements. For example, the stench of stale smoke wafting through the front entrance combined with greasy fried food they all eat every day. No lesson plans. No syllabus.

They gave a one inch thick pile of paper that was very detailed boiler-plate language (kind of like talking and saying nothing), where somebody copied the same document and plugged in a different course name and number two dozen times. Rough and sometimes dangerous behaviour in classrooms while using potentially dangerous sharp equipment. They are teaching healthcare and they think all this is somehow funny, and that it's safe to smoke on the doorstep (most facilities require 50 feet distance). They let four girls stay in class "high" and let others cheat their way through everything, swear up a storm, yell, and insult each other with angry banter.

But they hold a grudge against one person, and encouraged everyone else to do it too, who was treated for depression decades ago. THAT is Discrimination and FMLA Retaliation. And gives insight to their questionable morals. The clinical instructors yapped for an hour telling jokes and anecdotes and bantering with their favoite people.

And then we sat around and read aloud from the textbook. In another classroom we...

The instructor didn't really know what she was talking about. She frequently marked correct answers wrong (and wrong answers correct). I borrowed a Grey's Anatomy and corrected her but she insisted she was correct. Then she started manipulating grades by adding and subtracting points.

And tried to make cunning remarks about me in class. I was quiet and "did all my homework" and was not late or absent. Ever. I had a hunch, a sense that these are not good people.

So I asked to be withdrawn. These f--k-g people threatened me.


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